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"I've been using the Apaleo community tool from the early beginning and I have to admit that this knowhow database is helping me a lot to improve internal processes and find new technological solutions for our hotels. It's much more straightforward than seeking around in platforms such LinkedIn, where you need much more time and efforts for these specific discussions."

Emanuele Cosomati
Emanuele Cosomati
GM, Hotel illuster

"The Apaleo community offers a unique platform for their users. They created a space, where like-minded hoteliers and tech-enabled hospitality companies support and inspire each other, with the goal to further automate and digitalize the processes of their daily operations."

Laura Neuberger
Laura Neuberger
Head of Marketing, STAYERY

“Over the years, I’ve seen several failed attempts by vendors (me included!) to create a forum where customers and partners can come together in a truly collaborative fashion that actually brings benefits to everybody concerned. The apaleo community is probably the first truly successful example I’ve experienced and this appears to be endorsed by the obvious growth of the platform in the months since I joined.”

Alan O’Riordan
Alan O’Riordan
VP Alliants

"Having a place to exchange with other hotelliers about how they do things is great. Even inspiration for future development and getting a feeling for the needs of many of the apaHeroes is possible. I get often very motivated, seeing what other hotels are developing and the networking and synergies created in this awsome community are very valuable."

Stefan Wölflinger
Stefan Wölflinger
CTO, Do Step Inn

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  • Meet and connect with like-minded hospitality innovators
  • Unlock the full potential of the Apaleo platform
  • Ask other members for best practices and tips
  • Share your experiences regarding apps, digitalization and more
  • Discover new innovations from our members
  • Find developers for custom solutions
  • Have a say on new hotel-tech products
  • Read educational and training resources around the digital transformation
  • Access the feature history and learn of the features under development
  • Attend workshops and other events around the digital transformation in hospitality organised by the Community
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"The perhaps most developable platform in hospitality has (alive!) community and a dev like me wants to be in there. As a developer in Apaleo Community I can get quite precise comments and needs from different segments. For example pain points of the daily life of hotelliers/hotel staff that inspires me to create solutions for them to ease their work day."

Tom-Henrik Marttinen
Tom-Henrik Marttinen
CEO, Simultem

"Apaleo Community is unique because it enables you to get new insights into the industry and connects you with like minded people instantly."

Maximilian Rothmayer
Maximilian Rothmayer
Digital agent, Falkenturm Boutique Hotel