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Apaleo enters the Danish market with the signing of AHoP

Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas Johnson


AHoP, the leading autonomous hotel platform and service provider based in Finland, and Apaleo, cloud-based property management developed in Germany, have entered the Danish market as AHoP begins operation of Hotel-B in Birkerød powered by Apaleo.

The cooperation will see AHoP provide the systems, daily operations management, and 24/7 customer service for Hotel-B. The AHoP autonomous hotel concept, based on the core technology built by Apaleo, covers all aspects of the guest journey from booking to departure, while supporting the seamless and fully-automated digitalized processes. In practice, this means traditional reception, check-in, and check-out procedures are not needed at the hotel. The guests of an autonomous hotel never have to queue in the lobby, but they can enter and leave their rooms without any unnecessary interactions.

“Our management can focus on marketing and opening new properties while AHoP manages the day-to-day operations”

“We are very excited to partner up with AHoP. Their service is a perfect match to our needs as we want to run the hotel with as few fixed costs as possible. At the same time, the autonomous model is very guest-friendly as today’s customers look for smooth digitalized processes and consider queuing for a plastic key card inconvenient,” says Mr. Rune Kirkeby, the owner of Hotel-B. Furthermore, our management can focus on marketing and opening new properties while AHoP manages the day-to-day operations of the hotel”

“…especially due to the rapid speed of implementation”

Tuomas Valorinta, the CEO of AHoP Management says, “We are very excited to enter the Danish market and have enjoyed working with Hotel-B and Apaleo, especially due to the rapid speed of implementation. We love Hotel-B’s concept and the ability to complement the guest experience with our service. We are looking forward to helping other Danish hotels improve their operations and transform their cost structure.”

“Hotel-B and AHoP are the perfect example of Apaleo's vision to enable the ‘freedom to create’ digital guest experiences. Apaleo powers the technical operations while AHoP manages the autonomous guest-facing experience, including the centralization of customer service,” says Uli Pillau, the CEO of Apaleo. “In our experience, it is extremely valuable to enter every new market – Denmark in this case – with such a strong partnership. Together, we can finally bring our value to this important market.”

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